“Take a look at Man-Thing #1!

“The book is written by none other than R.L. Stine (creator of Goosebumps)! This is his first comic that he has written, and I think he picked an excellent character to use his talents on.

“The cover art is by Tyler Crook (Harrow County). The interior art is by German Peralta, and though I am not familiar with his artwork it helps establish the atmosphere of the book well.

“The comic features a retelling of Man-Thing’s origin in case you were not already familiar with it. The story shows a different side of Man-Thing than we have seen in the past. He is no longer the seemingly unintelligent monster presented in older stories. Issue one starts out showing him trying a showbiz career that doesn’t quite work out. It will be fun to see where R.L. Stine takes this story!

“If you are looking for something a bit different that the typical superhero story, or if you are a fan of his Goosebumps books, you should check this series out.”



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