X-Men Prime.png

X-Men Prime #1

“This book from Marvel is a one-shot going over the recent past events, as in IVX, which if you
have not read you should give it a shot. This book sets the stage for what is next in the X-Men

“From this issue we will see 2 new series coming out of it with 2 different teams. We will have X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. There will also be some other new books starting soon in the X Universe, but they are a month or so away. These 2 books should be the main teams and stories. We will have a new team leader replacing Storm, whom if you have checked any of the covers or blogs you will already know who it is.

“So, if you are or have been an X-Men fan, this is the book you want to pick up and see if you might be interested in the upcoming series. X-Men Blue will be first and it will start next week.

“This book is written by a team of writers and drawn by a team of artists. I think they did a great job in putting this book together.”



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