“My pick this week is…Sovereigns #0!

“If you remember the old Gold Key series, such as Magnus Robot Fighter or Turok, then these characters will be familiar to you. Dynamite now has the license for these characters, and they are doing a re-imagining of these characters with all new stories.

“This book is simply an intro into the new worlds. There are a few small stories re-introducing you to these characters and to see how they have been changed. There are stories for Turok, Magnus, and Doc Spektor, along with a Sovereign story, which I assume may tie these characters together at some point. The art and stories are accomplished by several different creators, but were all well written and drawn. I especially enjoyed the Turok chapter. I look forward to see where Dynamite takes these characters and hope they have better luck than some of the previous publishers.

“Sovereigns #0 is available at the store and is only $1.00!”



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