Weapon X #1

“This is one of the new Marvel series for the X-Men universe. This series’ team will comprise of Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, and Domino.

“It seems the Weapon X program never ended years ago, and now they are looking to eliminate some of the early version. Something that Logan finds out at the beginning of this story.

“Logan must now work to unite these mutants in order to fight the threat as a team instead of by themselves. Being that each of these have been loners most of their lives, this will prove to be interesting at the least.

“Looking forward to see how the story progresses and to see if Logan can keep them together. He himself is not a great team player and now he finds himself in charge of the team.

“The story is being written by Greg Pak and drawn by the art team of Greg Land/Jay Leisten.”


Weapon X.png


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