Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 6. In addition to giving away thousands of free comics, this year we will again be hosting many fine artists and writers at Richard’s Comics & Collectables. Along the way we’ll be highlighting some of these guests by asking them a few questions about who they are and what they do. Here’s Christopher Lockwood!

What was your first published work?

Solestar by Siike Donnelly.”

Do you have a certain routine you follow when you create?

“I like to lightly scribble in my drawings and then go back and darken those lines I wish
to keep.”

What materials do you use when you work?

“I use 11×17 comic illustration board and a Staedtler 2h lead in a lead holder. I also use Photoshop and a Cintiq.”

What’s the first comic you remember reading?

“I’m not sure exactly what the first comic I read was, but the first comic I ever purchased in a comic book shop was Spider Man #1 Torment by Todd Mcfarlane.”

What comics are you reading these days?

Darth Vader, Reborn and whatever else catches my eye.”

What do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies?

“Spend time with family and friends. Creating is my hobby.”

Do you have any advice you’d like to give someone reading this that might be interested in making comics?

“Well for my part, the art end I would say study. I would look into anything by George Bridgman and Andrew Loomis.”


What’s a project that you’re particularly pleased with how it came out?

“I was very pleased with how the cover I did for Bitter Tea turned out.”

Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to plug?

“I am working on a personal project currently which seems to be taking forever to develop but it’s getting there. More details to come!”


Be sure to head to Richard’s for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6 and meet Christopher!


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