Want to get up to 25% off your comics?

Richard’s Comics and Collectables offers a subscription service that is free for any customer. You simply choose the books you want to receive each month in advance, and every week we pull those books from the new releases and place them in your folder. The next time you come to shop, your books will be waiting for you! It’s the perfect way to insure that you get what you want before it’s gone. You will also save anywhere from 10% to 25% as outlined below!

How the Discount Works:

As a subscriber you will receive a discount on any of the comics, trades, or hardcovers (excluding limited editions) you purchase whether they’re on your list on not. The level of your discount is determined by the number of comics you have on your subscription list. The minimum is 10%, and the maximum is 20%. A bonus of 5% will be added to any new comics that are picked up on their release day (Wednesday) when you clean out your folder that week. Your discount carries over to regular back issues as well. You are also able to purchase the variant wall comics at half-off their marked price. Forms are available upon request at the store.

Terms of Subscriptions:

  • Subscribers must pick up all their books at least once a month.
  • You can add or drop a book at anytime, but you will likely receive the next one or two issues of a title that you drop since it was ordered months in advance for your list. It all depends on how often the title that you drop is published.